Thursday, August 13, 2015

O Último Guerreiro Romântico

O Último Guerreiro Romântico | 45'00" | 1.77:1 HD | 2015

A film by Paulo B. Menezes
Featuring Guy Molina
Director's assistance by Mara Cezar
Artistic collaboration / music by Margarida Guia

French title: Le Dernier Guerrier Romantique
English title: The Last Romantic Warrior

Guy doesn't like the post-modern world. He doesn't care much for the post-modern love neither. He likes to read 20th century novels and to practice trumpet. Maybe one day he can play Baker songs like only he did. He fights affective disenchantment by working undercover on loving counterattacks, constantly moving from a city to another as part of an international conspiracy of little means. He doesn't like flying. He'd rather take the train.

(presented on the 9th April 2015 at Teatro do Bairro, Lisbon, Portugal)