Friday, January 06, 2012

être et parâitre

Publishing an old portrait of mine in Facebook social network for my "advertisements for myself" (*) 'applied irony exercises' performance, a thought came to mind (in French for the rhyme, I guess):

"Dans l'art
comme dans la vie

il y a des moments
en qui,
plus qu'être,
il faut parâitre."

Notes personnelles pour une éventuelle vie prochaine, 4 Janvier 2012

Portrait at 19 after sea bath - le menteur 4


Facebook post note:

'advertisements for myself' is part of a Facebook exclusive 'applied irony exercises' performance which includes a self representation part whose concept was suggested by the title of the Norman Mailer's book of short works and fragments with the same title, cited by New York Times' David Brooks as "an example of a then-emergent and now-ubiquitous culture of self-exposure and self-love", in the form of the repetitive public posting of collaborative and personal self-portraits as if in a self-promotion campaign, here presented in a rather twisted and ambiguous way, as a social comment on the exposure and presentation of the self in today's social networks.
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